Hidden Gem – Welcome to the New World Order.

You have, all of you, with no exceptions shifted into the new era, the New World Order.

Now the community that is around you is a community that you have built together, a community of wisdom, a community of love and a community of forward momentum where each of you take Spirit out and you apply it to each of you lives and those with whom you have elected at soul level to share the journey forward. It is time now to look at your own agendas with these ones and to cross out any needs and therefore any neediness and allow them to take their path of least resistance into their path of their own journey that then frees you to continue your own. All of you without exception now are moving very quickly.

You have all expanded light bodies, your own star system much greater than it was.

It is time for you to enjoy what you have seeded, you have sowed, you have nurtured, you have fertilised.  Now some of you are starting to reap.

We would rather you reap with Joy and enjoy the party of life rather than to reap to continue the heaviness of where life use to be when resetting your own internal structure.

Do you understand what we mean by this?

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