Hidden Gem – Dedication to Service.

All of you have stepped forward with a dedication to service and everyone is now doing it in your own way, you have achieved this part of the journey you came to achieve when you set out on this earth in your own time and the day of your birth but you bought with you a tremendous spiritual value of energy and Love and the Love of Energy, energy and space are the same thing because with space energy cannot arise and what is arising with you firstly is that you will not walk with the sheep, because you desire to think for yourself.

Think about it.

But in so doing, so there is not an ego journey, you have come with service and the service with love and to this date, to this point, to this service has had to be about you and for you first of all because you had to bring all aspects, your energy bodies into one vibrational frequency, so you could as you do now, bring Spirit into Matter. And Spirit is All That Is.

So, it is about how you feel.

Sometimes it is about the communication about how you feel that is blunt in which case you do not feel guilty about it. It was just what was needed in the moment and in other times you speak in layers that is indirect because that is the way to do it according to your resonance, this is what is true to you. Ringing true is the vibrational aspects of feeling energy, feeling energy. That is why the Channel is always asking ‘how do you feel’, feeling energy is all that is.  It is listening to Spirit, which is also your aspect of us, listening to it resonating and integrating and making your choice on how you are going to deliver this messaging. How you deliver the messaging is true to your personality, everyone has a different personality, that is what makes it so colourful. You all of you have transcended shame, all of you, it doesn’t exist within this Circle. You have all transcended many things, you have all integrated and become very strong, very motivated because you now see clearly and you no longer have anything to prove.

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