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With many of you now having shifted into living your Soul power (for the most part), wherein lies instant response. You have moved from “becoming” not to “Being, and your Life journey is one where you no longer need to try quite so hard. You are seeing that you are receiving all that you need in order to complete each step of the journey, yet you also see that others are not in the same space as you….. and are not playing ball.

You have uplifted and are now seeing things in instant moment, and when that moment is over, you are ready to move on having absorbed (breathed in) and integrated that moment. Yet others are still constantly pressing their own replay button and are requiring you to watch the same old movie (of their life).

Please listen here to The Nazareine teaching that many of these are of much younger soul age than you are, and of the wisdom of moving on, and allowing others to catch up (or not). In this way you are able to both hold space for where they need to be in the experience of their own Life journeys, at the same time you do not hold yourself back. The past is now in the past and remains there, many of your are now living your future and it is now time to grow that potential. Essentially nothing else matters.


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In meditation:

a) See, understand and know how others block or limit themselves. Just in a few words – or symbols – to know that this is where in this new energy they choose to be.

b) Resonate how you are moving on without them, yet in the paradox of Spirit you remain at peace (and therefore at one with this energetic differential).

As this part of the matrix is about relationships, and volatility arising from the shadow, make a decision that for the forthcoming period, whatever anyone does is ok with you. Prepare your expression of Self so that your boundaries remain firm, you see, hear and understand their space, intent and agenda. And you keep moving on your own Life Path regardless.

We’ll discuss this at our next study group.



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