Hidden Gem Series. Simplicity of the Law of Effortlessness

That which captures your interest, catches your attendance.

Your attendance to your attention is what is needed for this moment because that is your inspiration, because you are interested that when the energy flows, matter opens up for new staples to be introduced to minds such as yours that are already remarkable in their intelligence and are desired to be open, the desire to give, the desire to love through the giving, the desire to love the giving, the desire to give your love. This stems from your interest which then you breathe in as your inspiration.

There is no gap there for anything that is not, that is applied to make you into something that you are not. Energy opens and you transverse that space without effort.

This is the simplicity of the law of effortlessness, there is nothing to do… just sitting on your boat enjoying the scenery, thinking this is rubbish, I’m going to say this. Enjoying the scenery, saying this is wonderful, I am going to immerse myself in this way and onwards and upwards you go in terms of the inspirational, the kind of the journey that you are seeking.

This is where the Joy is and you will be challenged in it but the challenge is to see what is material and what is remarkable and therefore you do or do not remark upon it as you proceed upon your journey. It is a 3D experience.

Hidden Gem Series. Simplicity of the Law of Effortlessness from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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