Hidden Gem Series. Love is What it Is.

Very delighted that you have stepped into the space, massive Universe of Love to see that Love is not need, Love,the spiritual aspect of Love, has to involve, include and accept the darkness of the journey because if you are not in acceptance and it is some people’s lot to be in such pain and darkness. You are separating and Love becomes a fallacy of an illusion that is not real, it becomes wishful thinking, the need to accept, to see that in your world all things exist, you do not judge. Love is What it is. It scans without judgement, it is neutrality, where you are nobody because you are scanning neutral space.

You Love anyway as that is your starting foundational energy and from the space of the Love you then decide you are going to breathe light which is Love into the darkness which is the maya, the materiality, and you are going to uplift with whatever resonates with you as this is a part of the journey for that moment and the rest you allow where they intend to be for those many moments where they intend to be something different. This allowance is very difficult for many of you because you see the pain.

You see the overthinking you see the defence mechanism and most of all you see how just a small shift in the awareness brings such massive change and they fight you for it and so you say very well it is apparent that this is not the right time to have any kind of a conversation, let us have a coffee together and enjoy the sunlight, of our own light.

You see.

And we will meet again in a different space and you will continue your journey and remain uninterrupted in your devotion to Spirit that is Self because you remain in balance and at harmony with the whole, which is the space which is the nothing, and then of course everything with that you call upon you invoke to evoke the continuation of your multiple magical journeys.


Hidden Gem Series. Love is What it Is. from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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