Hidden Gem Series. Letting Go of Your Identity

Your Identity.

Everything you have ever labelled yourself, either as you were, as you are or where you hope to grow into, you let that go.

Just sit for a moment and close your eyes. I ask you to consider what this means.

Let go of the identity, you have spent years of time building your identity to know who you are at human and also at soul level.

Time to let it all go.

Time to acknowledge that you are nothing. And that it is more than relevant to be nothing, because when you are nothing and you have no desire to be anything at all, you become pure Joy. And within the personality aspects of the pure Joy you will feel arise a very great happiness. This is the song of the soul that has literally been dying to sing through you. Dying because many of you have quarterised the fifth chakra so you cannot express except through  trying to please some and to make well others.

Let them be, let them go with Love. Because you do not want to be carrying on your back across the bridge these others, they are more than able to get up and walk on their own. It is all in the mind.

You have tried to convince them or whatever, doesn’t much matter anymore. See you at the next bus station, I will be there with the champagne, the honey, the milk and all the sweet meats of life which in reality are precious moments for all of us to enjoy together because that is what life is all about and we will also say to you as you continue to consider your continuation  on the bridge, step by step, moment by moment and if you are not happy and do not like it and it is not working, you consider giving it up too, unless, you too enjoy the pain of whatever it is that you are carrying. And if you enjoy the pain of whatever it is you choose to carry, we will say congratulations and have a very good time. We will also support you in this, but we are now giving you a choice of life balance.

Hidden Gem Series. Letting Go of Your Identity from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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