Q&A Why do you often ask, how are you feeling?

How do you know what is coming naturally?

You feel it.

This is why the Channel is asking you all the time ‘How do you feel?’ If something feels wonderfully well you go towards it and if something feels as though it’s not moving, what do you do? You ask to know that further insight that is causing you not to move forward.

You see?

So either it flows or it is stuck and if it is stuck, you want to know why. It could be timing, it could be rhythm, and it could be the other person not ready, it could be you are tired, but as long as you are aware and you know the answers. You remain in your sovereign power. You do not give it away and you do not get angry when somebody is not accepting it?

Hold that space by being true to self and by being kind to self, by so doing, you are requiring these others to dig deep within themselves and to find and access their own power because everyone has it, some just happen to use it more than others, some are lazy, some are paralysed, some are memorised… it is all there within.

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