Q&A When the Nazareine says the energy on Earth has changed, what does that mean? What has changed?

It’s a shift in conscious awareness.  You’ve all let go of the traditional conditioning and oppressive support structure. The last three years has been kind of a birthing and as the energy has progressed it has become more compact and intense. The soul holds all the memories of all the unresolved situations from previous life times, not just yours but also a general aspect of other peoples, so there is the collective soul, you’re a part of that as well so if you’re going to progress in the future carrying the unresolved situations from the past, those are co-ordinates and life flows according to that, so a lot of the work has been done and as you come to resolution in certain situations, you release that energy and it becomes nothing substantial because there is no relevance anymore, it’s been reformed and as you keep releasing you reach a tipping point within yourself and you tip over into a new way of being and not everyone has been aware enough or want too.

There has been an old paradigm of being or belonging (life structure) that hasn’t worked for them, bit for a lot of people they just leave it because there is a certain safety aspect. They’ll only leave it if they get a big wake up call, for everyone its different things. We are now shifted and you can feel around you that the energy is different.
You can see through your awareness the different layers of energy.

Some of you have moved through the fire and some of you are still in the fire, some of you are out of the fire and at peace which is just space, in that space you can now pick whatever you want too, it’s like having new furniture. That’s what it is, the simplicity of the complexity.

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