Practice: Managing Anxiety with the Flow of Energy

Anxiety often comes when we think things are going to happen to us that we have no control over. It is the fear of not knowing that is causing the anxiety, this then has a knock on effect to our emotions that can then sometimes spiral out of control.

It doesn’t matter from where the anxiety comes or why you feel anxious. If it is there within you, it is within you, it is what it is. Here we seek – to look, to see, not the cause of the anxiety, we are seeking to deal with the physical and emotional effect it has upon you so you can free yourself from its constraints and then refocus on your path. The path of the journey for you to move through life much more effortlessly than previous.

To assist in moving through these feelings here is a short Practice to use as a tool to manage your anxiety. Best to keep it really simple, seekig focus on the small step of the solution rather than the problem.

Everything is possible when you allow your mind to be creative and you are in your flow.

I suggest you make notes each time you progress this, each time you will experience something new and then you’ll be able to weave together all your views into one, beautiful picture of particular life experience.

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