How Well Do You Communicate with Your Self? And Through You Therefore With Your External World?

Here’s a question for you.

How do you communicate with yourself?

Do you ever take a bit of time to sit quiet, still even, and have a conversation with your Self?

Known as your inner heart, for you to know what you’re really thinking at any time, you need to pause everything, stop and listen.

It’s challenging in today’s immensely busy world – and you have to do it. You have to develop regular instances where you can develop that conversation with yourself so that you are crystal clear from where you have come, and to where you are headed. The rest then often takes care of itself.

When you are able to do this, regularly, you eventually develop an internal dialogue that is precise, and from this space – where you do in fact have space, simply because you become it – eventually you are able to have quite a complex conversation with your Self, simplicity of which answers every question and therefore also takes you from A direct to B.

In my experience, most people don’t pause, not at all. They are so busy doing so many things that they literally think they don’t have time especially for internal dialogue.

And because of this their mind becomes overloaded and jumps all over the place. They don’t know what they want (not really, even though they might think they do) – their communication therefore (and their lives, because the two are inextricably linked) reflects this.

They are all over the place.

Recognise anyone here?

Add to this the  layer that so many people think that in order to share value, they have to do a lot (usually for others).

And so that very important internal dialogue becomes just another thing they ‘have to do’ in order to ‘whatever’ themselves (prove/love/be/share/fill in the blank). So it’s the first thing that goes (together with all the other self-nurture practices), because most people are focused outwards. On the maya (chaos).

Actually, Spirit calls different.

To share value, you are called to give less.

To do less.

To be less.

Mostly because there is in essence nothing to prove/love/be/share/fill in the blank.

The moment itself is just enough.

Purely because when you draw all your energy back within yourself, you become truly Present.

And Life takes on a different tone. You are in yourself and in this moment you are enough of whatever you need for Life to continue to flow. And then you are more able to hear yourself.

By being focused in first, rather than outwards, you have a natural ongoing communication with yourself and so you are able to know – by feeling – exactly what you want. Where you wish to head. Or not.

It’s very important.

You are just open space. Herein your thoughts become then much more refined, and more straightforwardly connected to what you need/desire – and therefore what you need/desire to say in order to get it. You also know that eventually, by holding this focus, thought takes focused form and you will get “whatever” eventually.

At the same time, you are able to truly listen – and hear – what Life is saying to you in return. Also in each, special(ised) moment, you know – instinctively, intuitively – when others are all over the place, and you can then bring them back to their own centre too.

It’s just a matter of rhythm. And things become very very simple indeed.

And you take it from there, one simple, precise, evocative step at a time.


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