Hidden Gem Series. Surrender Allows for Whatever to Arise.

So, looking out on the extended view and the surrender allows for what is to arise and the response to the situation that is in front of you, so you look at a situation that originally appears to be dynamic and made of concrete and as you look and you listen and you are focusing actually nothing on it because you are merely observing, you are not requiring.

You see that the situation is in effect transparent and you can take any level of anyone’s perspective as your entry point in order to effect great change, by making one or two words, it is very precise and has become very very simple.

Life is very simple if you remember the teachings from the September retreat, it is or it isn’t. The gap between the ‘isness’ and the ‘isnot’ is your entry point, because from this gap you look at one aspect which is, ‘is’ and the other ‘is not’.

How are you going to weave the knowing of the gap of into the experience that is led by you, it is led by you as the conscious mind that is not just aligned with Love, it is Love. It is done in loving ways that includes yourself, so you create joint interlocked dimensions of perspectives and you ground them into your throat chakra which then voices the tune, the frequency or your third chakra that is the Will, the spiritual energy, you have to have Will for Spirit to be spoken but before that you have to be able to see how the chakra’s work together for all of you, and when you place, you will get the paradox, you place your personal will to one side, the me becomes the we, and you become the matrix holder of that requirement, and that is ultimately the requirement for change.

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