Hidden Gem Series. Know Yourself, Accept Your Divinity.

Now, some of you may recognise that there are those outside the purity, the pure essence of this work, goodness gracious, in this world it is all about myself. People talking about I, we, my, goodness gracious, everyone is so self-centred and we know because we know you so well, we’ve been watching you all of your life times don’t forget, that this is the one thing for many of you, that you do not fully step forward to claim and then embrace who you be because of this erroneous judgment that this work is about sureing up the self and this is the dichotomy because it is about sureing up the self because if you don’t know yourself you don’t accept yourself.

If you don’t embrace yourself how in the dickens are you going to be able to reflect yourself out?

This self-doubt, this fear of being egotistical is your stumbling block. It is not a block that is accurate, that is placed upon you by yourself, it is placed upon you by others who have an erroneous understanding and misconception of the energy of the work.

The beauty of this work is not about the personality, others may teach spirituality as the strengthening of the personality, but not this group.

It is about you knowing yourself, you have to know yourself, and you have to accept your divinity. You are all divine beings that come from the same light. Your light frequency is very similar, this is why you have no fear to share your deepest heart, to share your light in the group because the one thing that you have no fear of in such a community, such a Wisdom Circle is to be judged, you are still some of you afraid to be judged to be self-centred in external communities that project their insecurities onto you and some of you take it on. You see?


Hidden Gem Series. Know Yourself, Accept Your Divinity. from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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