Hidden Gem Series. Enjoy the No-thingness.

Take the time to give yourself a bit of a break, take the time to give yourself a bit of a holiday from the difficulties of life because life no longer needs to be difficult.

You sit back after this conversation and there will be others, of course, and the usual working study group that will come together and you will say goodness gracious, I have now arrived at my Wisdom, what a novel environment that will be.

Instead of striving to arrive, I have now arrived from being on such an arduous journey. For many of you it has been many lifetimes, I can now sit down in the light of this new energy and I can start to look at what I have achieved and you have all achieved a tremendous amount.

Each piece, that one of you has owned, each piece is the sum total of what you have achieved and it is not Spiritual in the sense that others know Spiritual but it is Spiritual in the light that it is non-material and it has all been about the journey of the soul. Some of you have been in a situation where the soul has been smashed and you are in that space that you are in the beginnings of a fetal energy where you can do nothing and be nothing, and so you might as well enjoy nothing because you have bought the nothingness into physical form, you have been through a lot and some of you are still in process, some of you have not arrived at that point and maybe some of you may not because it is not necessary because as a part of one’s soul group, when one achieves such a situation it is achieved for all of you, each one has a different journey.

It is a time to sit down and pat yourselves on the back to say that you did a jolly good job. If you do not accept and appreciate the jolly good job you have done, goodness gracious, who is going to align this for you?

You have to do this yourself and it has nothing to do with ego, you can sit down in this interim period and say I have done a very good job.

Hidden Gem Series. Enjoy the No-thingness. from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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