Hidden Gem Series. Bringing Spirit into Matter

So having returned yourself into the light to become the light.

You step out now to be the bringer of the light in a way that makes you excited and in a way that makes you interested. The moment will come to you, you do not need to seek it. Until that time you continue doing what you do best and that is to be yourselves.

To be yourselves in communities that are slowly waking up in their own ways, they will never reach the height that is the aspect of the ascension process that you have reached and there is an even grander height above that, that you will now start to explore because of your focus and commitment to self.

Now you read the teachings with a different heart, with a different wisdom and a different knowledge, you will read the old teachings in a different way and that will then expand your highway from previously two lanes to now six lanes. It is a very interesting anatomy to be able to share with you.

Bringing Spirit into Matter and determining what matters or does not matter starts with a heartfelt consciousness.

I Am That I Am. I Am All That Is.


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