Q&A – These days now I notice synchronicity and I feel it all around and it is good. However it is not until after multiple occurrences that I can decode or interpret them. How can I interpret them when I feel them when they occur?

You stop thinking and you start feeling your thoughts. When it is just the mind it is tiny, when it is just the emotion you feel drowned, you feel the moment, this is how I feel, what am I going to do about it. When I am with such an such a person I feel this way, when I am with such an such a person I feel this way, which one do I prefer, which one do I choose? You See? Overthinking, overfeeling.
Spend time on your own, take a breath. Your breath is your best tool. The breath dissipates mental energy. Keep it simple.
Don’t think your feelings, feel your mind and let your heart do the talking. Very simple, is it not. Allow the heart to do the talking. Of course if we gave this to you in the beginning you wouldn’t have all the background. Now you have everything, let your heart do the talking as your heart is where your soul resides.

All of you have the beautiful heart. This is your gift to others and this is your strength. Goodness gracious, if you did not stand there and shine your strength and your love, what a grimy little world you would all be living in, it would be a world full of victims, hero’s even… all being heroic for nothing.

Stay where you are and feel your love and don’t be afraid to share it and before you know they are all going to be fighting to sit next to you at the table, not that you care of course because you are too busy having fun. Very good. We are delighted as always to be a part of your ability to love yourselves.Feel how you feel in this moment. Have you not accelerated and grown how you feel, this is you.

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