The Nazareine speaks on Fulfilment Starts Within

For you who are newcomers to trance channeling, this is highly specialized work when the channel gives over his/her consciousness to be used as a conduit of communication direct from Spirit.

Anna is channel to Spirit in the form of the wise and wonderful Being known as The Nazareine. Through her He gives insights on business, personal and past life situations, always with humour and very much love, assisting us to return to a state of joy, love and great inner peace.

In this delightful talk excerpt, you are realigned with your own energy of unconditional compassionate love, and through the gift of community, you will see this love, reflected. Nothing is treated as ordinary and where everyday things become the source of inspiration all ‘round and the Truth about relationships is not only understood, it is truly lived.

Listen to The Nazareine speak on the first steps to self-awareness and self-healing and the importance of placing a boundary around your Giving, including answers to the following questions >>

Do you see yourself as giving a lot of Love?
Do you feel tired sometimes at the Giving?
‘Sometimes we watch you give and it is like a bottomless pit, we watch you give your Love to some who do not appreciate it, you are giving, giving, giving and they are taking, taking, taking. In some cases, you are getting nothing in return and you are getting tired of such a situation.
You have been very kind to many people who have been quick to accept the kindness and slow to reciprocate, leaving you wondering why this is so and why you continue to Give.’

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