The Nazareine Wisdom Circle Study Group – Shared Perspectives. 19 May 2018

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are seekers of Truth.

I see more and more of you step out in confidence of your knowledge now expanded into wisdom. You feel the inner call of Spirit to share this with less and less fear. You TRUST the process now so that there is les and less process. There is just first thought, and expression, with all your internal radars working, and your exercises here are geared towards this.

At the same time you are becoming more and more sensitive to energy and more and more able to interpret it in-the-moment. You’re accepting your sensitivity now with less judgment which means more space within for even further clarity.

You speak because there is a concept that needs to be shared, and because you feel or see it, you become it.

As empaths, your spiritual training with me over the years has meant too that your overall humility remains as one with your compassion.

This is wonderful to see, because this means you are becoming more One with Spirit. In other words, you and Spirit are returning more and more to Oneness.


** Assignment >> Please take a moment to review this lesson again and continue with your Sharing of Self in seeing, each day or week, how you can be of service to others. It is uplifting, purposeful and All of Life itself.

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