Conversation. From Freedom comes Great Space

Remember that ultimately you seek Freedom.

To be yourself in any given moment, and to have the space to express yourself, without anyone else telling you what is right or wrong.
You live it, yourself, you are accountable, responsible, loving and above all, Kind.
We need this in the world. This kindness accountability and responsibility, self-awareness is what makes the difference from a woman who needs to be right, to a woman like you who knows she’s right, and it’s ok if people don’t see it, because the ones who do are the only ones that matter.

That’s what Spirit is all about.

Because from freedom comes great peace, that is your own inner space of the Creatrix energy. And it’s confirmed, supported and empowered because you remain connected to your inner space.
Join Anna in this short excerpt from the Sacred Woman Moon teaching as she guides you to see further clarity around what fills you with Joy.

Taken from a recent teaching at Sacred Woman Moon, the more female aspect of Spirit that includes exploration of the energy of Sacred Mother, Earth Mother, Mother Nature.

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