Always Choose Truth (Your Own) Versus The Other Stuff

Everyone is unique. This is the magic of Life. And everyone’s nature is different, even though essentially we all come from the same source. It is this differentiation that makes us all interesting, because each one has a different life history, yet the life journey together always has the same goal.

To seek and live Truth.

In world of smoke and mirrors, where so many people are so given to lying to themselves that they fail to distinguish what is false and what is real, where it is so easy to worship falsehoods “just because” and where so many are addicted to the mesmerisation of material life, most of it with an intangible sexual base, it is increasingly important not just to seek Truth, now to seek to LIVE it, totally, harmoniously and truthfully well.

It has become important to hold true to your own seeing. Yes, you see from your perspective and this is through the filters of your memory banks, upbringing and social conditioning. But you do have an inner radar that is made up of values, you know inherently when this are being uplifted (or not), and most of all, you know when people are lying.

Most of the time, lies come out of confusion, and let’s face it, in today’s world there is enormous confusion. Mixed messages all around, fake news, so many with hidden agendas.

How do you know what is true, any more?

You feel it, that’s how.

Because, you know, your inner antenna (otherwise known as your intuition) always knows, because truth and lies both have different vibrations.

What you DO about your insight is different again.

The very first step is to admit to yourself that in a given situation, something or someone is being economical with the truth (including, perhaps, also you).

When you are willing to admit this simplicity to yourself, if indeed you remain in your own truth, you recognise that in the great majority of these situations it is more personal to the other than it is to you (ie it is all about them and not about you), you are accepting that situation totally.

This then leads you to recognise (and therefore allow) certain emotions to arise, which you own completely by being fully present, until that moment moves into another where they become more harmonised. During this time, you do nothing other than being in the emotion – fully immersed in your feelings.

Once these have cleared (and it may take some time), you have then resultant clarity to decide your response.

By remaining in your power In this way you are more able to pick – and win – your battles in a way that chooses the Path of Harmlessness. Karma moving forward together is minimised, leaving you free to continue your journey unencumbered by (other people’s) toxic rubbish energy.

Remember as you do this that “one step at a time” is often the best approach, where you take that first, very small step to test the water. You can then review the result at your leisure before taking the next step, and so on.

Your future is then determined by many little steps, all of which fully totally and truthfully reflect you.

Simple, easy, elegant and precise.

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