Live Your Love. And Make a Difference to Your World

Here’s a question for us all.

If everyone did just one thing, regularly, to bring about change, how would our world be? In one year? Three? Five? And more.

Recently, I’ve been noticing more and more how people either don’t see (or don’t want to see) what’s really happening in our world today, or they are seeing (whatever) and instead of feeding into a solution, they remain feeding into the (same old same old) problems by doing nothing.

And the fact that change is needed in so many different areas of life with many situations we’re facing that are historic. Certainly, they are not new. But it seems to me (increasingly) that quite a lot of people are content with where they are, enough that they don’t feel moved to do much, if anything at all, about much, or just anything (at all).

It’s seemed to me too, for a long time now, that as long as some are happy in their space, it doesn’t really matter what is happening ‘out there’, because, I suppose, it doesn’t affect these ones personally. Not enough anyway to make any movement, because, you know, “I’m all right, Jack”.

If you look out onto our world today, there is a lot wrong with it. Okay, there’s a lot beautiful with it too (and beauty can always be magnified). In fact, if we were to breathe more life into beauty, our world would become a more beautiful place (especially for our descendants whose karma it is to inherit the by-products of our experimental adventures).

Here’s the thing.

We’re all audiences to many situations that in our gut don’t feel right. They don’t feel right because essentially they are out of natural right order, that is, Truth.

In the macro, let’s consider:

  • Elected leaders arguing and telling lies, giving away the people for political expediency;
  • Governments sending out task forces to ‘fix’ whatever conflicted situations in whatever regions they don’t agree with. After of course, some (many) of these governments having sold armaments to conflict zones in the first place;
  • Children let down by those entrusted to take care of them – and having to march against it. These in any case are the small number who have the freedom to march, to express.

And of course, in the micro, anything going on in your own universe – workspace, family, life – that is personal to you,

And so on.


Like the old Chinese story of the Emperor’s New Clothes, all the courtiers could see that really, he was naked. But no-one had the courage, or could be bothered to speak out against the obvious, for whatever reason (and I suppose everyone had their own, comfortable reason).

If, then, you’re watching, reading or participating in something, that in your heart you know is not right, or does not feel authentic according to natural right order – which is love and growth – and you do nothing about it, you become part of that problem.

My question here is that when everyone on our planet carries within  them the creator energy – which is really the ability to bring about change in any way – how can anyone can stand by and watch suffering recur again and again, without motivation to step up and do just one thing – however small – to alleviate any part of it?

What’s the point, then, really, in staying part of the problem rather than becoming (or leading) a solution?

These are just questions, seeking answers which, in reflection, engenders a certain opening of the mind through Will.

And everyone holds within their own answer.

As each one too holds within the ability to create change.

First of all, though, You have to love. You have to love anything enough to want to move towards it.

To be willing to do this is known as “Actualisation of Spirit”. It is a firing up of change as a part of your personal Journey of the Truth of Life. It elicits tremendous power because you are aware of yourself, your impact upon our planet through your own Life, and you are willing to do something that is beyond your self. Certainly beyond those other humans who spend their lives either focusing on small stuff or defending personal space.

This is the mark of the Spiritual Warrior, where inner expansion is done not because you are a hero(ine) but because something is needed to be done. Seeking to live together in creativity and Peace. And by stepping up and so doing, you create a massive expansion of Life experience that fills up your entire Presence.

In actuality, your Presence creates a living purpose that simply and effortlessly transcends the banality of everyday existence.

Precisely, completely, absolutely and without fear.

Think about it.

Until next time.


In this new cycle the Teachings shift to the Journey of the Spiritual Warrior. Bringing change with Love, for Love and in Love to make a difference in your world.

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