Q&A. In this world of pain, I feel like I have so much love to give. But so many people are not willing to receive my wisdom and knowledge.

The question is when you all have so much love to give, why ‘these ones’ are not accepting what you are wanting to give, the situation is then that you think there is something wrong with you. You believe for some reason that what you are giving is not enough, you believe that you have done something incorrect or inaccurate, when in fact, you have done all that you can do and that is to give solely and absolutely of how you feel.
There are difficult people in the work environment and you have the difficult people in the personal environment. They are all reflecting one aspect of you and that is because you care too much about who and what receives your love, so your inner eye focus is on the external environment rather than on the internal environment where you are just happy to be able to love, you are happy to be able to give and you give just enough.
Within the just enoughness, there is a proprietary sense of self and you feel well about it because it is a law of human nature which is the egotistical environment externally where people have a kind of poverty consciousness, is that the more you give the more they take.

You see there is no balance because you do not require any kind of input to your output.

If you were continue to give without the receiving, you are creating a whole new continuation of karma. One action creates a re-action, which then creates a re-action and then before you know it, goodness gracious, you have a whole chain of events created by you, that makes you feel bad, that makes you feel rubbish.
Giving, giving, giving and not pausing to consider the karmic compromise you have created and putting the soul into yet another pickle. You cut the energy by saying I Love Myself and All That Is. My love is already perfect, it is kind but it is not blind. Hence forth, I commit to myself enough, to not give without compromise, compromise in this instance is used as a boundary. The simple word that all of you humans, some more than others seem unable to express is the word NO.

It is a balance, it is a balance at soul level.

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