Q&A. Why do people in my life require me to bend to their will?

Anyone requiring anyone else to bend to anyone else’s Will is ultimately seeking to diminish them.

You say ‘does this one uplift or diminish me and how do I relate to them’.That’s all, a very simple equational exercise.

We are not saying they are bad people, we are inviting you to look at why you do what you do. In seeking to know why you do what you do is the beginning of opening up the energy. We know many of you in your relationships are feeling trapped, partly because of your history and partly because of a fear of change. Go in to your lives and go through the relationships and just by knowing you open up the thought.

By opening up the thought, you allow the soul to breathe again. When the soul is able to breathe the love comes through and it is the love for yourselves. You may choose in these relationships to do nothing about it, but the knowing already has caused change.

It is the Knowing that is Causing Change.

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