Hidden Gem. Touching the Energy of Love

Just feel how it feels finally to be in surrender. Feel how it feels finally to be in love, because when you are having a love affair with
yourself you are listening to yourself, you are honouring yourself and you are doing for yourself. Your external plane of existence
correspondingly expands and you will find that your world is populated more by those who do, than by those who don’t. When
you are able to have a conversation with yourself along the same lines you are able to be heard by the ones around you finally, as
you are listening to your own guidance.

You are listening to your own Wisdom and life opens as we have said many times in the last few weeks, a bit like the Red Sea did for Moses. When there was no love, your world was previously barren, now you find you are in a community of Wisdom, who can listen, who can empathize, who understand, who get you because ultimately you understand you are each other reflected. As you feel this energy, it is time you come to touch your own energy. This comes from ultimately touching our own energy of love…. so therefore are you.




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