Hidden Gem Series. Simplicity of Presence.

By staying so present, because the simplicity of Presence is that you are focused and taking in every detail of everything that is around you, simple as that. And your desire and your choice comes from which of the energy you are going to be putting your attention on. This is the part of perspective that one of you was holding for the entire group. Because by deciding, by being present, the choice is going to be made for you – I am going to be putting my attention on this, I am going to be putting my attention on that because there is resonance. It means that you are the operator of the projector of the mind that is called External Life. And by being put very firmly in the operation of the projector, you decide what kind of a movie you are going to be watching.

And many of you who have taken choices in what you have called “Blind Faith” you will see very shortly that these choices were in fact intended because finally, for those of you who stuck not only your necks but also your feet onto a new path you made a decision that you had enough of the old. And that the old was being recreated, or as the “spiritual” community say, “manifesting” a similar tomorrow, it is the inextricable wheel of karma you had enough of enough so that you decided you were going to be stepping out of such a movie projection and starting a new series that is written by you, for you, it’s certainly starring you with you as the audience.

April 2018 – Taken from TN broadcast 24 September 2016


Hidden Gem Series. Simplicity of Presence from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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