Hidden Gem Series. The Divine Exists Within You

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Ultimate Truth.

Many of you were born into this earth to make a difference to life, otherwise you would not be doing the work that you do. Many of you too have spent years looking at the external world and wondering why people do the things they do, because the things people do to themselves are extremely harmful, harmful because there has been no identity and many of your religions, as we have discussed with many of you many times, have taught you to believe – and modern spiritual teachers continue to teach – that you have to continue to strive to be different, to anything that you are experiencing in the moment.

And your voice does not count because the voice of God counts more than anything else.  But We would say to you that anybody who is able to put into words that do not define you in the highest possible inspirational way is somebody that does a great disservice to you because God as you all know is that the Divine exists within you.

All of you come from the Divine, all of you in your own way have a service to mankind because all of you have come to give. And as with all the givers there will be the receivers. Otherwise you cannot give in a material-type of a situation. But the problem with the giving is that you are giving too much, the more you give, the more that people take. Which is why it is very important within the series of Teachings that come under the grouping “Belonging to Self” that with your giving there must be some receiving, you cannot continue to give to a group people who are not willing give back.

That diminishes the value and quality of your giving. The more you give the more they seek to receive and when you seek to stop giving the ego goes into fear and you have the kind of fear based situations you are seeing in your world today on a macro type level.

Listen to The Nazareine’s Hidden Gem below, and resonate to His energy through his Teaching.

April 2018 – Taken from TN broadcast 25 June 2016

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Hidden Gem Series. The Divine Exists Within You from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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