Hidden Gem Series. Making Peace with Yourself

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Ultimate Truth.

It is very simple, for us, from our space we see light to be two very special things.

One is love, the light of Love and the other is the light of Wisdom.

Very simple.

Wisdom comes from knowledge and the application of knowledge that you gain starts from the knowledge of what you can do, does not start from the knowledge of what you cannot do. In our world, whenever we hear one of you say I will not or I cannot not, we hear underneath a disinclination to own the potentiality of what you can, we hear you saying I am afraid.

This is the difficulty, this was the difficulty and it no longer needs to be the difficulty because as you explore different aspects of Spirit and there are multitudes and multiples of Spirit, all we ask is for you to bring to the table is yourself. We do not ask you to bring to the table anything or anyone else because it doesn’t matter. It only matters that you be who you be, each one of you has a very distinct personality, some of you are peacemakers, and some of you confront the energy in order to bring it to a direct end. Some of you work indirectly, some of you go in kicking doors down to rebuild a new door, some are tactful, others not.

What you all bring to the table is the enormity of your love and the enormity of your desire to make peace with the earth.

When you make peace with the earth essentially you are making peace with yourself. You and the earth are one and this is what these ones that are talking about the climate change are not understanding. You cannot talk about the climate change unless you look within to find what it is within self that is personality to wisdom mind that is unbalanced and unsorted.

There is a lot out there for each one of you to take, take a piece that interests you and say goodness gracious, this is how I am going to create change and all I am doing is being interested.

April 2018 – Taken from TN broadcast December 2016

April 2018 – Taken from TN broadcast 24 September 2016

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Hidden Gem Series. Making Peace with Yourself from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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