Q&A – In spiritual practice you often refer to honouring how you feel, why is this so important in our daily routine?

How you feel is essentially Us (Spirit) speaking to you, when you honour how you feel when you are connected to how you feel and you are scanning listening to yourself, you are having a conversation with yourself.

When you are having a conversation with yourself and several other people on the external plane you are merely having a conversation with Spirit.

There is the output from you, that is the conversation, and then it is the input from them, that is you listening to Us speaking through them. You will have an immediate recognition of who is Us speaking and who is their ego speaking.

Often they will defend to their death the right to live in the reality of their own tune which for many of them is in a bubble of immense and intense pain however, they have no intention of giving it up, so you have to meet them where they are and transcend, but in the meantime whilst they are in their own play, you are far too busy having a good time to focus on them.

You are focusing on your own creation and many of you have worked hard to create lives of balance and family situation which are now more healthy and helpful than previous, it is now time for you to enjoy and cross over the bridge absolutely and completely to the new era.
What we would recommend, is where you are today, just to leave the old behind.

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