The Nazareine Speaks on Right Way? Wrong Way? There is Only the “High” Way (of Life)…..

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Truth.

The overall response received from you was how profound was the practice of Silence was during your time together with The Nazareine in His Circle. This practice provides a solid base from which words can arise, thus synchronising the value of the former into actualisation, according to each One’s individuated journey.

So many more layers there for you arising from this.

And you add to the Love – the Love of Life and a Life of Love – a layer of kindness from which space of travel you experience all the different textures.

And more, so much more. Listen below to recapture the magic.


Assignment >> Please let me know by return what specific theme of His Conversation with you touched you the most, from this place of stillness and simplicity do you springboard the next cycle of your life. Quick email will do.


Opening practice and sharing >>


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Closing practice >>

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