Beginner Level. Short Teaching and Practice to Learn Techniques to Listen to your Intuition.

Recorded Live.

Everyone has intuition and the tools to deal with life but sometimes in the course of our busy lives we forget ourselves. When we forget ourselves things happen that we would probably prefer did not happen. By using the intuition we come back into yourselves and then we can determine how we will step forward and how we will find our way again.

Some times we forget every human is a soul energy, the soul energy is what defines our spiritual journey. Who we are is much more than a human being. We are all souls having a human experience rather than humans having a spiritual experience.

Join Anna in this short Practice to discern what is accurate intuition is and what is not. Learn to listen to your ‘gut’ and feel your own resonance.

Once these techniques are practiced you can then use your intuition for decisions that will help you move forward in Life.
Feel it to Know it. Your Knowing will always take you to the right place.

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