How Do You Love?


Here’s a question for you.

In the Cycle of Life, how do you Love?

Love is, of course, the universal force. It heals, it grows, it too paints very many colours into which you fit your Life.

It is the energy with which you are all intended to build your life.

It can also be immensely destructive (but only when it’s absent. Or you believe it’s absent). Or you deny it.

So….. how do you Love?

Are you conditioned in any way? And does this lead to you being conditional?

Do you have any judgment/requirements/blame (of self, others, all that is), when you love?

Is there pain, of any sort, projected?


Are you truthful?

Or do you hold back?

And if so, why?

Just asking a few questions, consideration of which opens new space within.

Here’s the thing.

If you hold back or you’re conditional, in the Universal Law of Reflection, this is what you’ll experience in your outer environment known as your Relationships.


On the other hand …….. are you truly free in Love?

Free to be yourself.

Free to love passionately, intensely, colourfully,

Joyfully. Happily.

Without requirement. Or question of anything, especially the future.

You know who you are.

You take care of your own needs.

You are happy in your own space, viewing life with with an honest Truthfulness and completely engaged with What-Is.

You know and accept life is never going to be without challenge. Or disappointment. Without either you stop thinking, which in turn causes energy to congeal because you no longer focus on flow. Life then slows and becomes sticky and, eventually, a bit boring too (too much of a good thing………)……..

Generally, for you, life is good and you understand the golden rule – for context to occur each piece of what-is holds a little piece of the shadow within. Things always, ultimately, evolve, naturally. You’ll eventually see your way clear and boom – away you go. When you require no time limit to this, there arises just a gentle knowing of natural rhythm that is Divine Right Order. Opportunity lies everywhere, and because you’re watching, you see.

Now’s the time then to take a risk or two.

You risk your own judgment (of Self) by allowing yourself to Love totally, freely, wholeheartedly. Irrationally, childishly, intensely.


As if there is no tomorrow or yesterday.

Because, of course, in the true Light of All That Is, neither of these exist.

There is only now, and you grasp it, hold it with all your might.

You quietly, gently allow your Self to arise in this moment, with your (inborn) intensity of feeling for All of Life.

You don’t need anyone else to Love, because you are Love itself.

And you can only find out for yourself how much you love by allowing yourself to immerse in it, to feel your own colour – that colours all of your life – to feel your own intensity, your own passion. Your own desire for all that is, that is purely and wholly your heartbeat flowing through you. Here, now.

In the sincerity of these moments – of joy, freedom, Presence, you will find that when you allow Love to flow, you come truly, absolutely ALIVE.

And in this space, you are as ready to receive as you are to give.

Try it – and see what comes back in.


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