Hidden Gem Series. 2 Minute Wisdom. Spirit is About Seeing What Is

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of Ultimate Truth.

Most important of all, you have forgotten, not you as individuals, but as the collective you, have forgotten that Spirit is about seeing what is. What is, is what is in front of you and based on this what is you make an evaluation, is this giving me joy? Is this working for me? The answer to this is a very simple yes or no. If it is giving you joy, you continue on your progress, if it is not working for you, sit down and ask yourself a question… What is not working for me and why is it not working for me?  

From that you evaluate your response to that current step and that is all it is. And yet most people have built around them an extremely complex structure of spirit that no longer works in terms of simplicity, because trying to do every and all things spiritual, you have taken yourselves out of the present moment and you have taken yourselves out of your natural flow of life. Do you understand? Does this make any sense to you? Very simple is it not?

April 2018 – Taken from TN broadcast 20 March 2016

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Hidden Gem Series. Spirit is About Seeing What Is from Anna Hughes on Vimeo.

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