Gentle Practice. Connect to How You Feel and Feel Your Love. Turning Intuition into Mastery.

Recorded Live.

A gentle practice to connect you to feel your love and feel how it feels to BE your Love.

You all have really special energies, there is only one energy of this kind, that is you, any time in the world.

Life is about being open to what is and when you are open to what is, you are also in acceptance of what is. It is all about energy, it is all about flow and it is all about Love.

We heal fundamentally by replacing judgement with Love.

Most of the time we do not connect to how we feel, we connect to what is happening on the outside around us, by doing this practice regularly the easier it will become to connect to your unique Love and then move forward in that space.

Enjoy! Each time you do this, you will see and fee something new, because you are opening up different parts of yourself. And as always please let me know what you experience!

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