Q&A – I feel like fear is running my life and stops me from doing many things. How can I supress these feelings of fear?

The choice is… of whether you say YES to the fear running your life or you say YES to the choice running your life in context with the fear and that you are mastering your choices and not being in servitude to your fear. This has now become a very direct situation and a very direct experience for all of you as you look around and start to pop your head out of a sea of fear that is holding the base chakra of all of your compatriots in the human experience.

Everyone around you is living in fear, your advertising sells on this fear and you are seeing how easily others are being manipulated by other forces that seek to exploit this fear, so now you are popping your head above the water, you are still

in the sea because the sea is consciousness, where you differ in your experience is that you are now starting to see clearly and you are also realizing that the body from the neck down is still engaged in the human experience but the head is now above water and when you are above water you can see many things, you can see the sky, you can see the land mass whether near or far, you can see and feel also that the water is warm. You can hear the other humans who are still submerged in the ocean of fear, with some it is a waterfall because they cannot do or see or feel anything.

When you say YES to everything you give yourself the journey where you eventually come to the part where you can say no, because the YESNESS allows the energy to flow as it is a channel of communication with your true self. When you automatically say no, as with many of your compatriots in the human experience the energy stops right there and you continue to not just tread water but you are sucked into a miasma of dirty and polluted water which then becomes your onward journey

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