New Waves of Energy Upon Earth! Experiences and Insights Shared. Study Group Insights.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle for you are Seekers of Ultimate Truth.

Wonderful as always to see each One together sharing sacred space in this study group. It’s always lovely to hear your insights and where you find yourselves, now.

We started with one word or where you were when you stepped in that day, this is the primary energy block for this past period. So you hold this in the back of your mind, to honour the part it played in your life, and in so honouring, you see the motivation for such an energy, and become more able to release it.

Quite a few of you were challenged when The Nazareine asked you to release your identity as you crossed the bridge. “Fear arose in me,” many of you shared, “And though at the end of the Conversation I was ok, a lingering feeling of fear / anxiety remained.” So the question that now arises is this >> As you discarded that identity (of then), what did you discover and, more important, who are you now? Precisely, in this moment.

So, following on in this thought trajectory, how do you experience the new energy?

We closed this calibration with the question “What is your truth, now?” Because it is only your truth that arises, that is relevant. And in so anchoring this energy, in new light, you allowed to arise one word that is foundational construct for you to hold, meditate upon moving forward.


Assignment >> Please hold this word that came to you during your practice here, and scan your sacred space to know in which chakra it lives for this period. Knowing this gives an extra layer of insight for this stage of your journey. If you have a few moments as we near Equinox, please send me up to three paragraphs of your insights and learnings for this period.

Equinox meeting details can be read here. Please mark your diaries! >> nazareine-speaks-vernal-equinox

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