Introduction to the Simplicity of Healing. Part 5 is about Eradicating Fear of the Unknown.

Recorded Live.

In part 5 of this talk, Anna shares her Wisdom on eradicating the fear of the unknown in such a chaotic world. “We are all born with intuition but over the years we have been trained not to listen to our inner being,” she says.

If, each day, you spend 5 minutes connecting to your Spirit, you will eventually be able to have a conversation with yourself. And in this conversation you will be shown how to move forward with answers to your questions on either a macro basis – the bigger picture – or for something more detailed.

And of course, the more you do it, the easier is the flow of information that results from this conversation.

This is your Intuition, and by connecting regularly to it, life becomes easier, you have less struggle, with resultant clarity and expanded inner space, you start to enjoy your life in a different way.

Stay connected and please let me know any insights that may arise for you!

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