Virtual Year End Gathering – Stepping into 2018 in the Light of Compassion and Love of Self

Thank you everyone who stepped into this beautiful Circle in the Light of Compassion and Love of Self. It was a great privilege to have led it.

Certainly 2018 started with a bang for me and I know for several of you too, with some unforeseen events that when you catch your breath and open your eyes to what-is, showed the hand of Spirit in clearing finally very old energy so your New Year progresses unencumbered.

In our journey together that intuitively weaves together aspects of the Five Elements of Nature, your Emotional Body, Balance and the universality of Love, by being in loving acceptance of yourself, you step forward with more resilience this year in the light of compassion with and for your loving self.

Enjoy this, and if you have time, desire and will, please redo this from time to time – either all or part, as you will – and experience yourself in much more joy, excitement and open-ness.

Have fun!

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