Surrendering Too Is A Sign of Inner Strength. And the Beginnings of Many Important Conversations with Spirit (Yours).

We have experienced that moment “This is not going the way you think?” That whatever you did, nothing worked? That the whole framework of your existence just collapsed on itself?

Can be scary as the one thing all humans seek is security.

When that’s taken away by circumstance, whatever, it can leave you grasping at something, anything, to bring it back because, you know, at core level you need a toehold on life and all your thoughts and actions are geared towards getting that back (often at whatever cost).

At the same time you may have also become disoriented, because your lovely, nice, safe space is in process of dissolving, it doesn’t exist anymore. And your answers no longer fit that lovely, nice, previously safe paradigm that, whilst not totally comfortable, or really ‘nice’, worked because it was safe in that you knew it intimately, warts and all.

It is this disorientation, this acceptance that you are lost, that metaphysically you have to sit down, and stop thinking. You have to accept that whilst in the past you may have had all the answers, that now it’s ok to admit that you no longer know.

It’s often when you admit to yourself that you’re lost, or stuck that you find yourself coming back to the beginning of something, anything.

It is in this space of admitting that you don’t know and that you’re lost, and whatever anyone says doesn’t resonate, you often find yourself in a place of Surrender. It is often here that you experience Spirit starting to unwind within, and speak with you. Because by admitting that you do not know you have stopped searching for ‘the’ answer – or anything at all – and have removed that very block that causes energy to flow again in the form of answers.

Your Conversation with Spirit usually starts with a soft whisper and as with all things, as soon as you feed energy to it (by listening), it becomes more pronounced, more material, which you then can choose to enact (if it feels right). True Spirit doesn’t promise anything, because there is no such thing as a promised land just as there is no such thing as a future.

There is only Now, and here, the reality of what you are facing as this part of your Journey of Life, and decide what you are going to do about it.

When you are this clear, you become very precise. Even if you don’t know what to do, this level of honesty is that precision point of starting of the beginning, and moving from there.

And every moment too is a new beginning, if you wish it to be.

In this space, there are no longer hopes or dreams, nor confusion. There is only the situation and how you deal with it.

Here, the decision of how you wish to experience yourself is made for and by you purely because there is no gap for (over)thought. Therefore there is no energy leak.

Your choices also become immeasurably simple. You either focus on the problem, or you become the solution. Loss of any sort does not factor at all, because it is not real.

There is only Evolution.

As with all journeys, you start at Point A and arrive at Point B, after this there is Point C, then Point D and so on. And interwoven around all of these is a beautiful, colourful matrix of feelings.

HOW you conduct this journey, how you enjoy it along the way is also up to you.

Whatever was your journey up until now, you are where you are because at some level you determined it. Or you agreed to it.

When you are willing and able to see this totality of response-ability, your experience expands and you become Master of your own Omniverse.

Certainly from those (past) moments of confusion and loss of security (whatever), I’m certain that you’ve now evolved into a different space.

Hold onto this and see your Truth that is Truth, as expressed through you.

It’s the only thing that sustains you in the myriad of moments yet to come.



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