Q&A – Why do I always second guess myself?

Self-questioning is the entry level to pain, you must question yourself but only to make sure your choices are water tight, you must choose the mind… there must be a process of logical and logistical analysis that supports the intuitive process otherwise you will be stuck in fear of will this happen or not.

You have to plan it, this is the intuition showing you the potential, the planning and the mind maps out how to get you there and as you are doing this step by step you are reading the choices through the intuition and the question to ask whilst you are doing that is, how do I feel about it?

If you are feeling relatively good you continue on that path, if you are feeling squashed, you ask yourself the question, what is the universe telling me? My energy is contracted, what is the message… what is the communication about this contraction, do I wish to explore it for myself?

Then what happens is your journey is an open communication with All That Is, you become completely embraced and at One with Spirit, which is us, your own guides and guidance and the energy of What Is. Now you know inside, doing your practice using your mind and feeling your heart you will always have an answer, there is always an answer to everything, but if you are in your fear you will not ask because you are stuck in a cacophony of noise. You have come a very long way, you have to accept that because in the acceptance is the self-love.

Self-love is the communication with self and the higher aspects of daily living that everyone seeks and so we are delighted to welcome you home.

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