How Much Do You REALLY Trust in Spirit (Yourself)?

Don’t you love celebrations? I do. I love all of them, whether they are Christmas, Diwali, Eid, birthdays – whatever. Whatever it is that we’re celebrating, what we’re really celebrating is Life. And within this we celebrate Love.

And whenever we come together, we celebrate community too.

Here’s the thing, though.

What if we didn’t need a reason to celebrate. (Not being the grinch here).

What if we didn’t need to have any reference point to celebrate, we just celebrate Life for the pure and simple reason that we are alive?

Just asking.

If you drop all reference points of what should, should not, need or need not be for … (whatever festival, fill in the blank) and just celebrate each moment, how would Life be for you?

How would you experience all the different aspects of Life, as it is, now?

Would each experience be complete within itself, just pure what-is? No need for explanation, just pure Spirit having a direct communication with you with nothing in the way.

In such a communication, how would your conversation flow?

I’m curious.

How would such a conversation flow if you only had a reference point that All That Is is you and Spirit with Intuition only as your reference point for creativity.

And in this vast, open space of potential, opportunity is All That Is.

And without any kind of a reference point, you too become All That Is.

When you become All That Is, you also become Spirit. (Not that you were never not Spirit but….. you know…… in the past there has always been space for doubt of any kind………)…..

What it means is that there is in effect no space between you the human experience, and the spiritual being that is expressing through you here and now in the most direct and precise way.

And you move as you feel, or not. Whether you are in one or the other space, you know deeply and truly, All is very, very ok.

In this light, you have transcended trust.

You become “KNOWING” in this magnificent journey we call Life..

Here’s to you all, for a tremendous Life full of Love, Joy and Knowing, and send to you lots and lots of love for a(nother) brilliant journey for all the days of your Life, coming.



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