Q&A on Self Doubt and Self Judgment

Sometimes I have self-doubt and self-judgement, when I am in this space what is the quickest way out of these feelings?

When you are in self-doubt and self-judgement the energy does not move and it becomes a bit like a lead weight. The answer is very simple, when you feel you are judging yourself, clear some space and ask yourself two questions:

Question 1      What purpose does this serve?

Once you know the purpose the self-doubt and judgement has served the mind unbendingly will go in that direction, you can then understand it and sit in the understanding. It is the understanding that is the antidote.  There is no judgement when you understand why you do it.

Question 2      What is the ongoing karma?

You can then continue in free will and we are watching you, as we are the deeper, higher and more knowledgeable aspect of you, as you were born from us.

In asking yourself these two questions, you will really shrink the thought process and enable a precise view.

Watch too how your emotions arise when you ponder these. Emotions are wonderful, beautiful, joyful – at the same time they can also be a distraction to what-is, leading you down another path of exploration. So, key to this is to keep it all very very simple.

And of course, enjoy it!


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