Light Up Your Light with Fun and Laughter. A Full Moon Practice in Supermoon Energy.

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle, for you are Seekers of The Ultimate Truth.

This month’s full moon practice synchronises you to the energy of another supermoon.

Energy is moving, I know many of you can feel it. On the one hand, things are settling, on the other, there’s a lot going on. Many too have shared with me how you are seeing your Life panning out after the adjustments of the past period. There’s an opening of space, we are all moving into a dimensional shift that is very subtle and very powerful.

It’s about specifically looking at how you relate Self to Essence and in this instance, The Nazareine invites you to lighten up.

“You all need to have more fun,” He said. “You need to find again your humour. Your Spirit of Lightheartedness. Otherwise you will all be like those high and lighties who are far too spiritual even for Us to speak with. You have already proved to yourselves your commitment to your various Paths, the energy is now set. Allow yourself some space to breathe, to laugh, to dust those solemn cobwebs that focus can sometimes create, and step out into your Joy.”

Here’s a practice for you to use to develop this very important Spiritual value once again within you – that in the end, nothing really matters, except what you make matter.


Assignment – Please spend a few moment to reconnect to the Spirit of Childlike Joy that you were born with. Remember what you were known for as a child, what were the childhood stories that made everyone laugh? For instance, when I was 4 my father caught me going into my grandmother’s room with an iron, to help iron out the wrinkles in her face. I got a wallop for that. I was also climbing to the top of all the window bars in the house, hang off them and shout “Look at me, look at me!” to my mother’s distress (she had to get a chair to reach me, pull me down?

What are your stories? Please share, love to hear them all.

Then take the energy from what you seed here and ground it into your heart. It’s that that will light up your core.

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