Enjoy the Light in Your Heart. It’s Time.

Go on. What are you waiting for? Treat yourself. It’s been a good year. Challenging, tough too perhaps, but essentially, when you’re able to see a much bigger picture to the human journey, it’s certainly been expansive.

Life’s journey is never easy. it’s never intended to be. Ease is always most appreciated when seen through the context of challenge. If you did not have this balance, you might well be putting ease into a very different category indeed.

Simple aspects of the Cycle of Life, both.

We’re looking here at new energy that symbolises opening of new space. It’s subtle, and if you take a moment to reflect in your own space, it’s also another one that’s extremely powerful.

The very essence of this work is for you to BE in your own space, to have reclaimed it, to explore it, to realise it and thence to apply it. To determine what comes into you, or not. To lose all fear of expressing yourself from it. And from here, to multiple it, grow and share it – if the latter is what internally you feel called to do.

For you to be in space, here, now the most important aspect of awareness to consider is balance.

Take a moment to view where you currently stand in relation to Life?

Where are you balanced, where are you otherwise?

Balance shifts in every moment purely because each moment is different, stand alone, and defined within itself.

You connect with this knowing through Intuition, that inner knowing that is Voice to your Soul.

Your balance is the relative, as is your response. Here, you need to be objectively subjective and, simply defined, you will find balance when you’re doing those things that you love, that make you feel really really good.

This needs to be placed on a scale where the balance is slightly more tipped towards you, mainly because if you’re not happy, or you don’t feel good about yourself or your choices, it can be a bit harmful all ’round.

This is where Self Love comes in.

When you are able to love yourself, you are connected with yourself and in your own space you both listen and more importantly, you action those things that you know are good for you, make you happy.

Balm for the Soul, that speaks to you in every single moment of each day of your Life, and beyond. And in this light, energy flows easily, simply and well.

Why don’t you spend a few moments here to ponder this: As you move towards the end of this calendar year, and are looking symbolically at new beginnings for next, in the light of this amazing moon, what do you need to do for and with yourself to honour you, and the part that you’ve played in your amazing journey todate called Life?

Flag these, and then make sure you do it, because Life is here for you to live, not to endure.

In this more expanded space, you’ll find that (amazingly, lol!), things start to open up and fall into place.

Certainly a much happier, more exciting path of exploration.

Let me know what comes to you.

It’s been a pleasure as always.



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