Practice to Connect with Your Guidance

It is one of the simple truths of the Universe that when you have a connection with your inner self – your Spirit – you have essentially Everything.

Whilst you can – and do – learn knowledge through many different means, you cannot learn wisdom. This comes from the heart which is the core of your Spiritual strength. Your spiritual development can only come through devotion to your meditation practice, it is the only way home to insight.

In truth you need both – you need both learning, steered by the intellect at the same time you also need intelligence, steered by the intuition. One without the other leads to imbalance, both lead to your ability to take what you need from every experience that life brings, and to use it for growth, an indicator of you being whole. Spirit in human space.

Here is a new practice designed to assist you in your practice of building a strong mind, with this you apply it in focusing within, into that space beyond the mind that is the space of your inner knowing.

All That Is.

Please do this regularly and all the others on this teaching portal to get yourself to where you need to be at the fundamental of your direct engagement with Spirit.

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