Practice. Re-Membrance into Peace. Creating More Space in Which To Feel and Send Love.

This weekend is about Remembrance. It’s dedicated to those who gave so much in war, so that the rest may have peace. Conflict continues in our world though, it has never stopped and honestly, I don’t believe it ever will.

You can, however, create Peace within yourself by sitting in your own Stillness, and reflect quietly on the conflict that is in your life. You’re not going to form an opinion on it, because this leads you back to conflict. You’re just going to look at it, to see it; in this way you’ll open space within, acknowledge it in our lives and that it exists on all levels. And that’s ok.

Here are a few levels of conflict within yourself: From desire and movement to fear and mental paralysis; between your beliefs and your actions, values and opinions; between your heart, mind and emotions; between you and another.

Once you look to see, your thoughts become much more precise and the energy around these is more able to dissipate.

You then have more peace (that is really inner space) in which love can arise.

You can then, if you wish, share this love by extending outwards.

Please do this practice several times to get full benefit, and then whenever you feel the inner call to so it. It’s a subtle aspect of your ability to lend your energetic desire towards healing conflict in the wider world.


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