Full Moon Practice. Remembrance of Light Energy

Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle.

Happy to start a new cycle of moon meditations.

The energy of this moon is deeply connected with the number 11 and you’’re working with this in terms of re-membering your divinity. Your practice today in this new cycle is tointensify that which you feel in your heart, that which you re-member from deep within your Soul, naturally.

You’ve done a lot of clearing, you’ve done a lot of acknowledging, letting go, a lot of understanding.

Really, there is very little of the shadow left from the past, if at all.

Now it’s time to know, to just know – and thus embrace, simply be – yourself.

In your divinity, allow yourself to be human too, forgive yourself those little foibles of your humanity that sometimes (oftentimes) vex you. There are always rites of passage for you as Soul energy, always people who are like sandpaper to your sensitive inner sheath. These must be accepted so your onward momentum continues in natural right order .

And as you evolve Spirit evolves.

And as Spirit evolves, you evolve in a never-ending dance of Love and of Life.

Deeply. Truly and in peace.


Assignment: Each One has a Golden Thread of Life that you constantly follow. By being aware of this, you  become more able to view the natural flow of your life. Where are you headed? To what purpose? Why? Always many questions about Life.

If you have experienced a lucid out of body experience you will have seen this Golden Thread connecting your astral and physical bodies. So now, if you go in to seek it, you are able to know the many more different aspirations than the physical connection, you can view more easily where your Life Direction is taking you, how and why your life meanders as it follows this; and to what purpose your manifestations are calling your attention.

Ownership of this makes All of life so much more real, so much more multi-layered.

So much more alive.


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