What’s New? Coming Up Exclusive to The Nazareine Wisdom Circle!

Beloved, hello!

Delighted to be speaking together again, motoring forward. Lots of beautiful new explorations coming through for you and I’m excited to be sharing these!

Just wanted to make sure that you know about your study group on Saturday 18th November 2017, love to hear where you stand and how you’ve integrated the high Wisdom Teachings from the past period! We’ll be reviewing yourself, what did you let go of in the light of your re-membering, how does it feel and how did it change your world? How are you getting on in your practices, what messages are coming through for you, where are you now?

So much joy since those magical moments together, love to keep these and grow these with you all!

Please take a look at all the details for your study group on the event calendar >> click here to read!

The Solstice Broadcast is on Saturday 16th December where he will speak about Staying Awake in a New Cycle. Here he looks at another level in fearlessness, synchronisation of mind and body, what is real, what is no and how to differentiate the tow through that always-important continued connection with your inherent wisdom. Stands you in good stead with all the other high and lighty’s now out ‘there’.

For details of His Solstice Broadcast please click here.

Very much looking forward to seeing you in our upcoming study group on Saturday 18th November, with love,

Anna x

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