Q&A on Right Pace of Creation

Question – We follow our intuition and know what we need to do, why do we feel frustrated that these changes do not happen fast enough?

The Nazareine Answers – One of the problems in our world is instant gratification. Would you not prefer to grow into something? The world is not ready for such an instant absolute energy, the world has to have its frequency aligned with yours. You do not align your frequency with the earth and the world around you. You are waiting for them to align with you and in the meantime you are seeding little droplets of energy here and there, you already have insight and foresight into your next steps. This is seeding the energy and making sure the energy is linked in a way that is safe enough for you to step onto a broken bridge. The world will soon be ready to receive the visions that you have created, that you have been given and more importantly what you have accepted for yourself. This is not just for you, it is for all of you. You have to grow into it. Because when you or any one of you step out, the energy has to be water tight. You don’t want to be falling flat on your face.

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