Practice to Heal Your Heart with Love. Allow Your Own Healing Energy to Arise and Bring You to a Peace.

A gentle practice where you acknowledge yourself in terms of seeing, knowing and loving Self. All has to be accepted in the Light of all aspects of material Spirit as being valid in the fullness of Life experience, part of the human history of you. You allow the feelings to arise, and feel them in order to release them.

Followed immediately by a second practice (immdiately below) to integrate the healing energy you’ve just invoked, by doing them together you come to the beginnings of profound peace. In this new space the resultant energy can go to where it needs to go, and the body heals itself.

Please keep a journal to note how you feel each time you do this. I would suggest you do both practices for three days in a row, then to allow the energy to settle for 2 or 3 days, then to do it again to a total of 3 sets. Each time you have have a very different experience as you build and observe movement of energy within.

Please let me know what you experience and how you feel. Love to stay connected and take you forward!

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