Introduction to the Simplicity of Healing. Part 1. What It Is and When Is It Needed.

All healing really is about one thing – resolution. Listen here to Anna explain that we are all born with an inherent self of self, but lose as we grow up due to being caught by other people’s belief systems, how we give this away in order to fit in and then of course the result is that alongside this, we lose our freedom.

By being compacted into a physical body, we are told too that we are only material beings, and we believe this. Then we believe that life is only about materiality, and that we have no power to influence any aspect of our journey through life.

This in turn causes us to stop expressing ourselves, so energy becomes stuck, then we create internal conflict. This causes pain, dis-ease and distress. This is what essentially needs to be resolved, so that the body can heal itself.

This is the first in a series of six talks all of which will be published fortnightly here in The Community. Join us to listen to them all!

How did you enjoy this? Did it bring up any questions for you about the full expansiveness of Life? Please email me if so – love to hear your views and answer your questions!

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