Connecting Your Spiritual Heart with Life, the World. Living Well. Celebrating your Journey.

“In the world of infinite potential, for choice to occur you only need first to be willing to see, in order to look,” Anna Hughes

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I have a question for you today.

What draws you to Spirit? Spirituality?

It’s just a question, to open up your view.

What is it that you find interesting, even fascinating?

Each person comes for different reasons, of course. With some it’s because life as you’ve been taught doesn’t work well for you, with others it’s seeking resolution, mostly of conflict or pain. With even others, it’s to find your voice, your vision and with all of you it’s to connect with a structure that works, makes you happy more often than not, brings you peace and gives you all the answers.

From within. Inner resonance is the only truth.

Some of you take it further from a desire to live well to determining your message, therefore your focus and then moving that out into your service.

Others seek knowing – esoteric that is the hidden meaning of Life, that you therefore reflect out into the exoteric, or material world.

All different, all wonderful, all individuated to you. Beautiful too, as Spirit embraces the infinite, the eternal, and any, everything in between, experience expressed by each Soul and breathed back in again to grow in a forever evolution to, from and within Source.

The one thing you cannot do with Spirit/uality is to use it to escape life.

Neither is it to be considered a self help tool, although studying the teachings will by their very essence help you to find your core, strength, purpose, desires, visions, desires and ultimately how by purposefully drawing all of this together improve your work and personal life.

Fundamentally, Spirit IS Life.

It’s you, at all levels and in all planes of existence.

And whatever you focus on, you bring to life. Simple as that.

Pretty wondrous, actually.

The more you study life, the more you come to understand Spirit, the more you expand yourself, more importantly, the more you become more able to think for yourself, with your intuition. Used and practiced regularly, you get to see clarity in chaos, determine what-is, and start living life to the full.

In the paradox of Spirit, when you learn, or re-member one thing, you let go of another. You become more your Self, and by connecting with yourself through your intuition, most important you believe and trust it so you can move beyond fear. Then you are in your power, freely.

That’s big, mostly because so many in our world are taught to think small. Or about lack. So they diminish themselves through old belief systems and fear.

But you’ve now moved beyond all of that. You’ve done the reflections, considerations, inner audits. You’ve made your choices and whilst some may still be waiting for natural rhythm to bring them through to experience, you’re pretty much back within yourself. Certainly you’re more aware now.

Many have also woken up.

This is life, YOUR life, and it’s lived in context, connection and community with others.

I’ve noticed how many people seek, if not full approval, certainly a certain amount of validation from another.

Power is when you no longer need this, you seek instead validation from yourself, only, and seek to use this wisely and well, with an eye on karmic continuum. You see many different perspectives and you choose to place your energy very very delibrately.

Life (yours) becomes therefore one lengthy spiritual journey. We call it a journey without end because in the inner planes, there is no beginning-middle-nor end. There is only potential, upon which you exercise free will, for your evolution in this and all your other lifetimes.

In consideration of All, know this. You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and attention. For this to happen, you focus only on what resonates with you as being Truth. And you hold onto this with all your life simply because it is your Life.

Because Being Truth, is the ultimate in all of your Being.

We’ve now commenced a new cycle and you build upon the visions and strengths of the previous. Looking forward to further interesting adventures to come.

Until next time.


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